Yearly Eye Exams

Most people think that a trip to the eye doctor is updating their eyewear and contact lens prescriptions.  The fact is, determining your eye health is the most important thing we do during your examination.  We are able to assess and treat dry eyes, computer vision syndrome as well as diagnose diseases such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetes and hypertension.  Think of a yearly eye examination as a “physical” for your eyes and make it an essential part of your yearly healthcare program.  

Fundus photography

Fundus photography is an advanced digital retinal photograph of the back portion of the eye.  The screening picture that is produced captures a clear view of the optic nerve, blood vessels, macula and fovea which can be used to detect and monitor ocular health. A look at the internal view of the eye can be key in detecting glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, retinal detachments and many more eye issues detectable at very early stages.


Ortho-Keratology (ortho-k) is a safe, non-surgical and reversible process that uses specially designed contact lenses to gently reshape the surface of your eye during sleep, thereby providing clear vision during the day without the need for glasses or contacts.  The effect is temporary, so retainer lenses must be worn during sleep each night.  

Ortho-K is an ideal vision correction method for active children or children who are genetically prone to having their nearsightedness progress year after year.  It is also well suited to many adults whose careers or hobbies are not conducive to wearing glasses or contact lenses.  Schedule a complimentary consultation or simply ask us at your yearly eye examination to see if ortho-k is right for you.

Vision without glasses or contacts

Want to see without the need of glasses or contact lenses?  While laser vision correction (LASIK and PRK) have become the preferred alternative to glasses and contact lenses for millions of people throughout the world, there are several other procedures now available such an implantable contact lenses (ICL) and intra-ocular lenses (IOL) that may free you from your glasses and contacts.    

We will help you determine which procedure is right for you.  Simply ask us at your yearly eye examination.

Eye urgencies

If you experience an eye injury, it is important to see an eye care provider as soon as possible.  Our office provides services for eye infections, eye abrasions and other eye urgencies.  If your eye injury or emergency is after hours and you are unable to reach us, please seek help at your nearest hospital or by calling 911.  Always seek emergency care if you believe your eyesight is in jeopardy or if you are in severe pain.

Eye wear brands

Our showroom proudly features extraordinary and distinctive designs from the world’s best designers.  Contact us for more information on designs that we carry.